Welcome to Lighthouse Atlas!

I don’t know why but I love lighthouses! I want to see them all in person but I don’t think it would be easy. 🙁  So here is the online lighthouse atlas where all lighthouse fans can share and enjoy, including cool lifeguard towers or structures by the sea. I think in this way I have a better chance to see, maybe most of them. 🙂

If you have a lighthouse picture you took, please send it to me at towers@facingtothelight.com. I love to add it to the atlas! Thanks!

Welcome to the Doors around the World!

We all go through doors every day. I feel it represents a change, safety, adventure, challenge or opportunity. There are so many interesting doors that are worth a look for a minute or two. Not only doors of famous monuments or buildings. Just doors we ran into everyday life or journey.

If you encountered a door that caught your eyes, please share with me. If there is a story behind it and if you know it, please share it too! doors@facingtothelight.com